Thursday, December 20, 2007

Accept Blessing

This young man plays his violin in front of this sign every Sunday evening (err, every Sunday evening that I've walked by) in the underground walkway between the Taipei Main Station MRT stop, the Underground Mall, and the train station.

His violin is plugged into his headphones. His violin-case is open in front of him (and collects sometimes large bills from grandmotherly passer-bys). And each of the four times I've passed by him, there has been a small child standing and staring, either mouth agape or broken into a wide-grin, but always mesmerized. Typically mom or dad keep on walking and call after the child in vain.

He certainly chose the right light and message for a backdrop.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

New Blog!

This one isn't going away.

I've just created another one for some of the more peculiar sights.

Go here! Shenme the H?!

"Hear Beautiful Sounds of Advertisements"

My coteacher recommended playing this for 308, an overly energetic classroom that has trouble staying seated during class.

All I could think about was how much my mother hates the background noise of television commericals.

The translation at the bottom of the CD really doesn't gel with the rainforest photo on the cover.

Though, I am eager to hear the FIAT-ALL NEW PANDA edit of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" or the theme for the HONDA ALL NEW ACCORD