Monday, June 25, 2007

Profile Picture

Looking to add a profile picture to the blog and don't have a website to pull it from, so for your viewing pleasure - here's me:


Sara Mari, Please said...

yes yes, you are so right - this is a transitional point. it's only temporary. i am starting to enjoy the new city and i have taken to the public bus system, and the destinct possibilty of me getting lost adds to the adventure.

so i have sent you the cd i promised almost a month ago. what can i say? i'm slow moving. hopefully it'll get to before your long journey!

mucho amor

Stuart Pearl said...

Hey there Dale. I love the "avatar' pic you have of yourself. My first reaction was "what the...." but it really does grow on you. It reminds me of a scene in one of the Mad Max movies where they're sitting around a fire telling pre-apocalypic tales, and one of the people has framed his face in a make believe twig TV screen. - Stu Pearl