Saturday, October 27, 2007

Su-Ao Field Trip

A while ago the 3rd grade at Gong Jheng (my school, 1800 kids in total, 12 3rd grade classes) all went to the Recycling Plant and then on a nature hike at Su-Ao Elementary, a smaller community outside of the city. Waltzing through the woods was basically an excursion to feed the mosquitoes, but afterwards they were rewarded with a good long time on the playground. Ghong Jheng's playground is fenced off because of nearby construction; all recess activities take place in the hallways. They were glad to get outside.

These are some pictures of them at play after the hike:



****A Good Laugh****

****Scissors, Paper, Stone! - Kids are amazing in their play. This is a spontaneous yet highly sophisticated and organized game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I watched for 5 minutes and still couldn't figure out the rules; the kids had never been to this playground before, so the tire game is clearly a new evolution. Give a kid a minute, and he'll have a good game going. Any of you adults able to do this? Stay young.****