Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drunk Baseball Players

I left the house at 7:45 this morning and came home ten minutes prior to midnight. It was a long day of classes, tests, and meetings. The apartment below ours is having a luau style party, complete with six kegs and the majority of the OU baseball team. In the space of five minutes watching them from my porch I saw 2 keg stands, 2 guys throw up 4 times, and heard the following:

"Drink it you fucking pussy!"
"He's puking! He puked! I saw it! Woooo!"
"Vance is puking! Ahh haha! Vance is down!"
"Where the FUCK is my beer!" Grabs his beer, repeats "where the Fuck is my beer!"

The women at the party mostly stood silently, taking pictures with smiles on their faces, or talking quietly to their friends, while the males screamed, gave stumbling celebratory high-fives for shows of excess consumption, and swore profusely.

It's midnight. They are all outside. This neighborhood is small. The boys have a regional tournament that they leave for tomorrow. Good luck to them.

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