Monday, May 7, 2007

Is concrete living?

Every piece of life is living
but humans, in concrete,
do not make living,

though art and narrative,
and all can be argued art,
creating living-like exchanges
between here and there
dead and living
present and changing,

and these structures,
social conventions, government and taxes,
are intended to help us
in living
and making living.

We all, plants and people,
sparrow, squirrel, and you,
have the same basic drive,
to keep on living
by making (more) living,

and our intentions should be clear;
the mind of humanity being society,
is segmented off into conflicting emotions,
but all with an innate desire
to keep making living.

We'll have our naysayers,
rhythm and blues,
but as a whole, our interconnected

that is, society (you & Me)
communicating with
sign and symbol,
language and narrative,

in every construct, from
television to kitchen,
classroom to nutrition,

form a single entity,
staring and caring,
striving to keep making living,

and its intentions are clear
(like all those other living things)

we'll keep moving foward
in competition with everything
because that is preservation
and leads to proliferation
of living.

But what does it mean to the world that humans and their way of making living can include replacing the traditional living (plant and animal and earth) with the narrative living (concrete and story and terabyte upon terabyte of the history of human existence in no-space)? Will we go as far as we potentially can and link all these narratives together into a single narrative consciousness, that knows everything? Will we evolve in linear time, the process of being god outside of the single eternal space that is/n't god? I think we will. But at what cost to the traditional living world? Not to say we can kill it all off, for it will evolve in its own ways after us, but is our place in it prescriptively written as done for in a thousand years? Will we exist solely as conscious entities afloat in a wash of everything we(all)'ve ever known? Too much still to learn from terrestrial living, I believe. Too late to figure it out? Possible to figure out?

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