Saturday, April 7, 2007

Test Run - We'll Have some Fun

New to the blogging thing, I decided I needed to get some experience in preparation for my next step after graduation. I would like to keep in contact with as many people as possible, so this is mostly a networking place. Maybe we can exchange a few ideas as well.

I will be graduating from OU in June. Done be the undergrad. Done be the Athens townie. June will be spent relaxing in the apartment and packing things for storage. July will be spent traveling, visiting friends and family, and preparing for August. And August, August begins an 11 month commitment in Taiwan where I will be teaching English and studying Chinese. I will be in Taipei for August and then live in Yilan County, a NE coastal county, for the remainder of the year.

After that...who knows.

Again, I'd like this to be a networking kind of blog. I'm going to add links for traveling resources, links for Teachers of English as a Foreign/Second Language, and links to friends. Anybody ever flying anywhere near my way is welcome, as I'm sure I will someday impose on you.

That's all for now. We'll see if I really begin to utilize this thing or drop it like many of the other activities I pick up and leave so frequently.

1 comment:

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