Monday, August 20, 2007

Typhoon Day (For Real this Time)

This past Saturday the team was in lock down because of "Super Typhoon Sepat," complete with 160mph winds. We all battened down the hatches and settled in for a long day of, well, bland noodles, online television, and (not) lesson planning, all with a smidgem of cabin fever.

The first two typhoons that came across the island since we've been here turned out to be duds, at least for our region (see previous post "Typhoon Day in Taipei" to see how we might not take this one seriously). Knowing this one would be bigger, we counted on staying indoors all day. Prep in Taiwan for a typhoon includes taping up the windows to prevent shattering, stocking up on dry food (instant noodles) and water, and making sure candles are within easy reach.

The wind blew intensely all day, and rain came down in varying torrents off and on; I was in an apartment in Luodong, where the whistling of the wind through the windows was the worst part. Apparently one of the Yilan apartments had some degree of leaking and a bouncing kitchen ceiling.

Here are a few photos:

****Feigned fight against the wind and rain in the apartment lobby - was really blowing though. Photo courtesy of K80********Wind against the trees, out the window****
****Kate with Windows Taped****
****More Taped Windows; Necessary Precaution****
****Laptop, Cheap Wine, and Charades'll Get you Through****

****Uprooted Trees the Day After****


Anonymous said...

and it's a hard. and it's a hard. and it's a hard. and it's a hard.
and it's a hard rain....
thats gonna fall.

(just thought I'd stick with your theme: "And I'll tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it." )
I love you very much!

Tara said...

Interesting to know.