Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The View From My Window

The group is currently split between four apartments, two in Luodong and two in Yilan City (both places in Yilan county). I am living with the two other males in the group, Mitcho and Josue in a three bedroom. The apartment is clean, partially furnished (beds, dressers, desks in each is very friendly (studied professional music in Italy - quick with a smile, too), and is coming by to supply us with blinds for our shower windows (I've been playing exhibitionist for a few days, though not that that is a problem), but she says she will "think about" getting us something to cook on. I am hoping this is just this culture's way of saying "of course I will do that, but I do not want to give in too much on first meeting." All of us like to cook (I'm sure I have much to room, a fridge, wooden chairs and two small tables) but we currently lack a stove. The landlady learn from the roomies here) and don't want to eat out every night. This apartment arrangement is just until school starts on the 30th, at which time we will receive permanent housing arrangements at the apartment closest to our assigned schools. We are all just happy to be here, willing to be flexible, and will certainly make do.

For now though, here are a few shots of the view from my balcony:
The Track on the right hand side of this one is part of a high school and becomes active around 5AM with joggers, walkers, runners, etc. Morning exercise, even light stretching or simple, slow Tai Chi is very prevalent here.The view arches around the whole Western skyline. I've yet to venture up there, but the roof is apparently open, so I should have some sunrise pictures sooner than later.


tom said...

"life moves pretty fast" (F.B.)
Thanks for the updates so far!

tom said...

(tom maletic, Emily passed on your link, with her back from Africa it's you and my friend sailing from Cape Town to Annapolis, Maryland in his new sailboat (sailing ship)

Anonymous said...

I love you.
I equally love learning of your adventures.
Keep it up, and maybe think about me just a little :)