Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Long Time No Picture

Busy, busy, busy. No excuses. A few good photos though. Here to tie over those loyal enough to still be checking:

****Located halfway up a mountain and overlooking MeiHua Lake, this is the largest Taoist temple in Yilan****

Temples are locations for a variety of customs. Certain gods are available for all types of prayers. I've taken advantage of these temples to pray for a) successful teaching days b) safety while riding scooters. Scooter culture is a big part of life in Taiwan. It is customary to receive and have blessed a little talisman to keep on the scooter. With the poor quality helmets that many people ride in, or in the family style, baby in a wicker high chair at the feet, it is telling of the power of these prayers that fewer people die than do.

You can also hit up a temple for good luck on a test, or at finding a significant other.

****In green is the husband, praying with wife and soon to baby.****
****Monk wrapping up his robes after prayer****
And on a different note...

****These three be me favorite for Hong Shao Beef Noodle****


Carrie said...

You only need a few photos to make it worthwhile. These are great! I really like the first one and the photo of the monk wrapping his robes. Great work!

Anonymous said...


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