Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Su-Ao Cold Springs and Catching Up

Here are some photos from a Cold Springs place near our city. Cold Springs are rare, and so a treasure here in Taiwan. According to a government travel website, these were discovered and exploited by the Japanese in 1928. CO2 in the H2O makes it great for the skin.

****They were, however, cold****
****Really Cold****
****But the Brave Had Fun****
****View from a Mountain Path - I found some stairs and started up. Like all good wanderers, you can't stop before the stairs do. I was on a time limit and had to make it back down to the group and bus, so Rocky-ed it up the steps. My calves were screaming still four days later.****
****Sunset out the old balcony - I moved to Luodong, but don't worry, there's a 25 story roof here, so landscapes coming soon, including a great view of "Turtle Island" - unmistakable shape****
****This Little one was in and out of a temple at the Yilan Cultural Museum****
****Eager to Pray as well - if that doesn't earn ancestors some karmic merit, what will?****


cfimages said...

Nice shots. The cold springs look like an interesting place. Another that I'll have to add to my places to go list.

Dalbanese said...

The list that never shrinks, no matter how far you go.

Thanks for visiting :)

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