Monday, April 7, 2008


Here are a few glimpses of beach scenes in Yilan County:

NanFang Ao (南方澳)is a fishing port-town in Southern Yilan County (宜蘭縣). The town is known for the soft, black sand beaches, a temple housing enormous Jade and enormous Gold Mazu (媽祖) statues (which made it the religious center of the county a long number of years ago), and fresh seafood (one of the few places in Yilan County where restaurant workers stand on the streets and try to coax you from your car and into their restaurant (instead of the 50 others down the road).

****The Dogs of NanFang Ao 南方澳****
****They're Dirty****

****Frances (Mary Poppins?) Visits NanFang Ao 南方澳****
Yilan County is located on the Eastern side of Taiwan, so a scooter ride down good ol' National 2 will get you to a number of beaches and bays. This one is near Dafu (大副), just South of Yilan City.
****The aptly named Turtle Island (龜山島) is located just off the coast. Access to the Island is restricted to only a fortunate few who sign up with the right people****
****Turtle Island Head****
****Actually Has a Tail****

****The beach is definitely dirty in places****

****Josue and Julie walk out a ways on the breakers****
****These breakers are all over the coasts - efforts to thwart nature (Typhoons)****
****Good for Posing****


frances said...

Close your mouth, michael, we are not a codfish.

wayne said...

Now that summer is approaching, you should take some sunrise pics. You've got to get up early (around June, you gotta get up around 3:30-4 to get there before the sun starts rising.)

My favorite two places were along the coast just north of Toucheng and just along the beginning of the Bei-Yi highway where you can see Turtle Mountain Island.

Some random pics:

Carrie said...

Love those last two photos. Have you submitted any to Taiwan Photographers on Flickr? I haven't seen much of your work there and it's about time I featured your photography again.