Thursday, April 3, 2008

Christmas Catch-up

December 26th, 2007
Yilan Catholic Church
"Twas the Night After Christmas"
Hosted by: Josue Cofresi and Laura Burr
Performances by: Yilan County Fulbright ETAs, Yilan University English Students, Church Choir

****Josue, emphasizing a bit too much how Santa likes his Sugar Plum (Fairies)****
****K80, Casey, Michelle in Sugar Plum Action****
****Katie and Laura belt out Jingle Bell Rock in (near) perfect unison****
****ETAs Gather for Julie Goshe inspired "The Christmas Wish" (I think)****
****More Christmas Love****

****How the Grinch Stole Christmas Gave me Chills****
****The Magic of Christmas as performed by K80 and Co, Candy****
****What do We have for Her, Johnny?****
****Jeannie Rose performing a breathtaking Liebestraum****
December 25, 2007
Gong Jheng Elementary School
5th and 6th Grade English Song and Dance Competition
****This rendition of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" won first place at the county-wide English Easy Go! Competition ****
December 28th, 2007
Yilan Train Station
****Safe Journey****
****Christmas Performance with Sign Language song (note 春 for spring in the background, a month and a half away from the spring festival, 28.12.08)****
****Christmas Outfits****
****Gong Jheng Elementary Gym 6th months after typhoon/water damage****
Creative gift from tutoree:
The pink envelop reads "PS to cut balloons", pointing to a toothpick in regards to the 6 small balloons on the side. Each balloon contained a small piece of paper with writing on it, reading "Dale: 博達 (Chinese Name): You are a good teacher: Weeeee! (answer to "what did the snail say riding on the turtle's back?")" amongst other things. The big paper reads "Dear Dale, Merry Xmas, You are a good TEACHER" and "Empty-pig Angela (sister)"

****"Good" here to describe teaching is clearly a relative term.****

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